A Newspaper Called The Recycler Helped Bring Together Some Of The Biggest Rock Bands Of All Time (Cool Weird Awesome 1039)

This month in 1973, a newspaper in California known as The Recycler started publishing. It was mostly a list of classified ads, but those ads have had a pretty big impact on music. 

25 Days of Holiday Songs 2022: “Good King Wenceslas” from the album “Yuletide Disco”

There was an actual King Wenceslas, and people actually said he was good! We don't know if he disco danced though.

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Latvia Has Blue Cows And A Play Helped Save Them (Cool Weird Awesome 808)

Today is Cow Appreciation Day, so here's the story of some very unusual cows in Latvia and a playwright who helped save them from disappearing for good.

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“Casablanca” Almost Had A Sequel – Twice (Cool Weird Awesome 665)

After the landmark movie "Casablanca" became an unexpected hit, Hollywood tried a couple times to make a sequel.

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