A California Artist Once Helped Drivers By Adding His Own Road Sign To The Highway (Cool Weird Awesome 1070)

This month in 2001, a self-described “sign guy” decided to solve an issue on southern California highways by adding his own road sign. 

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There’s A Farm In The Middle Of A British Highway (Cool Weird Awesome 601)

Stott Hall Farm is an unusual place; on either side of the place, there's the UK's M62 highway. We'll explain how it happened. Plus: a couple in Texas bought a plot of land, spent years building a house there, and then got a knock on the door from the actual landowners, explaining that there'd been a mix-up. 

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Here’s Why Nellie Bly Is Getting Her Own Monument (Cool Weird Awesome 94)

Trailblazing journalist Nellie Bly once feigned severe mental illness to expose abuses at an asylum from the inside. New York City is now putting up a monument in her honor on the site where the asylum once stood.

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