The Cherry Sisters Baffled Vaudeville But Guaranteed Newspapers The Right To Criticize Bad Shows (Cool Weird Awesome 1246)

Today in 1901, a court decision protected the right to say pretty much whatever we like while reviewing a podcast, or a song, or a performance. And it all started with some of the strangest performances of all time.

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When France And Spain Had A “War Of The Stop Signs” (Cool Weird Awesome 1243)

It wasn't an actual war, but in the 1980s France and Spain were in a pretty serious dispute over stop signs placed on a road between a little Spanish enclave in southwestern France and the rest of Spain.

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Some People Are Sweet On Kool-Aid Pickles, But Others Have Soured On The Idea (Cool Weird Awesome 1239)

Today in 2007, the New York Times published a feature story on Kool Aid pickles, a sweet and sour treat that found some diehard fans in the southern US.

Groups Of Chimpanzees Spy On Each Other (Cool Weird Awesome 1131)

New research finds groups of chimpanzees spy on each other, carrying out recon missions to either avoid other groups or to try to encroach on their territory when it's safe to do so.

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A California Artist Once Helped Drivers By Adding His Own Road Sign To The Highway (Cool Weird Awesome 1070)

This month in 2001, a self-described “sign guy” decided to solve an issue on southern California highways by adding his own road sign. 

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Getting A Thousand Bucks In Oily Pennies In Your Driveway Is One Way To Wrap Up A Job (Cruel Weird Awful 7)

Leaving a job usually means wrapping things up with your soon to be ex-employer including getting a final paycheck. But here’s the story of a guy who got a pretty unpleasant sendoff. 

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The Hollywood Sign Was A Big Ad That Turned Into a Landmark (Cool Weird Awesome 1047)

100 years ago today, a land developer in southern California spent $21,000 on a sign to advertise a new housing project. The HOLLYWOOD sign has come a long way from that moment, but it hasn't always been easy.

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Sign Spinning Isn’t Just A Job, It’s A Sport (Cool Weird Awesome 927)

Tomorrow in Las Vegas, the 2023 AArrow Sign Spinners competition begins, with elite-level sign spinners showing off their best moves.

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Salvador Dalí Used To Draw Christmas Cards For Hallmark (Cool Weird Awesome 678)

The history of Christmas cards has taken some strange turns over the years, but maybe none stranger than when Surrealist icon Salvador Dalí made Christmas cards for Hallmark.

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