Movie Fans In Texas Enjoy Pickles When They Go To The Theater (Cool Weird Awesome 1125)

It's National Pickle Day. Maybe you put these briny cucumbers on sandwiches, or burgers, or just snack on them as they are. Or, if you’re a Texan, you might order a few up when you go to the movies.

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Abel Gonzales Is The Fried Food King Of The Texas State Fair (Cool Weird Awesome 856)

The Texas State Fair is getting underway, and if it's fried food you're after, you have Abel Gonzales Jr., aka "Fried Jesus," to thank.

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There’s A Farm In The Middle Of A British Highway (Cool Weird Awesome 601)

Stott Hall Farm is an unusual place; on either side of the place, there's the UK's M62 highway. We'll explain how it happened. Plus: a couple in Texas bought a plot of land, spent years building a house there, and then got a knock on the door from the actual landowners, explaining that there'd been a mix-up. 

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Could You Be The New Voice Of Big Tex? (Cool Weird Awesome 273)

They’re holding auditions for the next voice of Big Tex, the 55 foot tall cowboy that’s the embodiment of the Texas State Fair. He's joined forces with the X-Men and survived catching on fire, not he just needs someone to help him talk about his long career.

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Turn Used Cooking Oil Into Raw Material For 3D Printers (Cool Weird Awesome 256)

Researchers at the University of Toronto have an idea: maybe the old cooking oil from fast food chains could have new life as resin for 3D printers. Plus: this weekend in Mansfield, Texas, it’s the one and only Pickle Parade!

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