If You Want To Go Old School For Halloween, Try Carving Some Turnips (Cool Weird Awesome 1120)

Chances are high you might see some carved pumpkins this Halloween, but if you want to trace the holiday back to its roots, you might want to include some root vegetables.

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Why Audiences Throw Things At The Stage, Though Obviously They Shouldn’t (Cool Weird Awesome 876)

Today in 1883, a bizarre headline in the New York Times: “Actor Demoralized By Tomatoes.” Why have audiences thrown tomatoes and other foods at performers?

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Farming Robots Are Weeding The Fields With Lasers (Cool Weird Awesome 875)

If you have fields, you almost certainly have weeds. Pulling them can take a lot of time or money, but farmers now have a new way to make that part of the job a lot easier: a weed-zapping robot that uses lasers.

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Happy Goosey Night, And Mischief Night, And Cabbage Night (Cool Weird Awesome 409)

In some areas, Halloween festivities actually start the night before October 31, on a night that goes by a few very unusual names. Plus: how about an unusual lollipop that's far off the beaten trick-or-treating path?

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