24 01, 2023

The History Of The World, According To Peanut Butter (Cool Weird Awesome 934)

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Today is National Peanut Butter Day. It’s been particularly popular over the last century or so, if you look back even further, you’ll find that peanut butter has been the nutty, crunchy wind beneath our wings for centuries. 

5 03, 2020

The Life And Flights Of Jerrie Cobb (Cool Weird Awesome 252)

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Today is the birthday of Jerrie Cobb, who could have been the first woman in space but ended up flying to great heights nonetheless. Plus: it was on this day in 2011 that a museum in the Netherlands first put on exhibit a work called “Peanut Butter Floor," which was exactly what it sounds like.

24 01, 2020

Scientists Can Make Diamonds Out Of Peanut Butter (Cool Weird Awesome 223)

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On National Peanut Butter Day, a reminder that peanut butter is so versatile it can be turned into diamonds. It actually takes more time to explain why you can turn peanut butter into diamonds than to explain how. Plus: this weekend in McCall, Idaho, the Idaho State Snow Sculpting Championships are taking place.

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