31 07, 2012

25 More Greatest Tweets That Will Reaffirm Your Faith in My Tweets

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There was this one time where I tried to tell an old joke about dinner plates ending up in the first chair of the Philharmonic, and then I had to do like 48 tweets to explain the joke, which I didn't quite get myself, and also I think I was telling it wrong.

23 07, 2012

A quiz wiz

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I just took the "Presidential Deathplaces" quiz on Mental Floss and scored 8 out of 10. Which is not bad, especially given how complex some of the questions were.One of the questions isn't really about presidents

22 07, 2012

Itinerary, take one

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I've come up with a draft itinerary for the Washington DC trip. Suggestions are very welcome:  Gravesites Mount Vernon - George Washington Arlington National Cemetery - John F. Kennedy and William H. Taft Washington National Cathedral

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