Berlin’s Jazz Age Nightclubs Let People Message Each Other Through Pneumatic Tubes (Cool Weird Awesome 1167)

In our time there are lots of apps and other programs that help people who are looking to date. Back in the 1920s, some clubs in Berlin let singles flirt using pneumatic tubes and tableside telephones!

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How A Guy In 1974 Used A Computer To Order Pizza (Cool Weird Awesome 1139)

Today in 1974, the first time a person used a computer to order a pizza. It wasn't an online order, but it was still a big moment in the history of tech (and the history of pizza).

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These Smart Glasses Can Generate Real-Time Speech Captions For Deaf People (Cool Weird Awesome 1072)

TranscribeGlass is a new set of glasses powered by artificial intelligence that can transcribe speech in real time and create captions for people who need them.

This Pen Can Help People With Parkinson’s Disease Keep Writing (Cool Weird Awesome 971)

Students at Northwestern University have developed SteadyScrib, a customized pen that’s designed to help people with Parkinson’s disease keep writing.

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Museums Are Helping Color-Blind Art Lovers See The Whole Spectrum (Cool Weird Awesome 195)

An increasing number of museums are offering EnChroma corrective glasses to visitors with color blindness, to bring more color to the world of art and those who enjoy it. Plus: a museum in London is exhibiting a disposable cup from 3,500 years ago, proving that from our earliest times, we’ve been trying to avoid doing the dishes.

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