When Louisiana Built Its Own “White House” (Cool Weird Awesome 726)

Today in 1929, the start of one of the most outlandish stories in American political history: the time Louisiana Governor Huey Long had the governor's house torn down and a virtual replica of the White House built in its place, because (as it's said) he wanted to get used to living in the White House before he was elected president.

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Fred Astaire Was Once Second Banana To His Sister Adele (Cool Weird Awesome 532)

Fred Astaire was best known for his iconic dancing with Ginger Rogers, but before that, he danced on stages all over the world with his sister, Adele - and she was the one who got most of the attention.

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A “Mammoth Loaf” Once Turned The U.S. Senate Chamber Into A Big Bread Box

Today in 1804, the US Senate held a party featuring something called the “Mammoth Loaf.” To explain, we have to first tell you about Thomas Jefferson, an enormous block of cheese and an archeology project. Plus: a very cold town in Siberia has some very cool music, thanks to spring ice drums.

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