Helen Hulick, Who Went To Jail For The Right To Wear Slacks In Court (Cool Weird Awesome 888)

Today in 1938, a California woman took a stand in court for the right to wear slacks instead of a dress in court. Here's the story of Helen Hulick and her campaign against "anti-slackism."

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Here’s What 3,000 Year Old Pants Are Like (Cool Weird Awesome 810)

Summer is usually shorts weather, but there’s some new research on pants that’s worth a look, especially when you know that the pants at the center of this work are from 3,000 years ago. Plus: the South Carolina Peach Festival is getting underway this week in the community of Gaffney.

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One Pair Of Pants, One Wild Christmas Tradition (Cool Weird Awesome 444)

Ever tried to re-gift a present you didn't need? Two brothers-in-law kept giving each other the same pair of pants for decades - and in increasingly complicated wrappings. Plus: ever hear about the time Alex Trebek walked onto the Jeopardy! set without pants?

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I will not yield! Some Things For October 17, 2019

We've got a little bit of everything today.

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