The Dog That Climbed All Of New Hampshire’s 4,000 Foot Mountains (Cool Weird Awesome 1031)

Today in 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, which put the document into effect across the US. That’s one notable fact about the Granite State, and here’s another one: a dog once climbed all 48 of the state’s 4,000 foot high mountains.

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For Safer Motorcycling, How About Pants With Airbags? (Cool Weird Awesome 965)

Motorcycles just don’t have many of the same safety advantages as cars and trucks. So a company in Sweden is taking one of those safety features and adding it to a rider’s outfit: introducing airbag pants!

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Helen Hulick, Who Went To Jail For The Right To Wear Slacks In Court (Cool Weird Awesome 888)

Today in 1938, a California woman took a stand in court for the right to wear slacks instead of a dress in court. Here's the story of Helen Hulick and her campaign against "anti-slackism."

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Here’s What 3,000 Year Old Pants Are Like (Cool Weird Awesome 810)

Summer is usually shorts weather, but there’s some new research on pants that’s worth a look, especially when you know that the pants at the center of this work are from 3,000 years ago.

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One Pair Of Pants, One Wild Christmas Tradition (Cool Weird Awesome 444)

Ever tried to re-gift a present you didn't need? Two brothers-in-law kept giving each other the same pair of pants for decades - and in increasingly complicated wrappings. Plus: ever hear about the time Alex Trebek walked onto the Jeopardy! set without pants?

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