3 01, 2022

What Exactly Is A Calorie And Why Do So Many People Loathe Them Every January? (Cool Weird Awesome 685)

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One of the classic changes people try to make at this time of year, for better or for worse, is trying to cut calories. But what are calories, exactly, and where did the measurement come from?

31 12, 2020

Once Upon A Time, Human Ancestors Tried To Hibernate (Cool Weird Awesome 448)

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A paleoanthrological study in the caves of Atapuerca, Spain, finds that hundreds of thousands of years ago, human ancestors tried something along the lines of hibernation, holing up in the caves for months during winter. It didn't go all that well, though. Plus: you've heard of the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square. But have you heard of the new year's pickle drop in Mt. Olive, North Carolina?

1 01, 2020

When New Year’s Meant Going To The White House To Shake Hands With The President (Cool Weird Awesome 206)

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For years, on New Year’s Day, Americans could go the White House and shake hands with the president. It's a tradition that went back to John Adams and the early days of the Executive Mansion. Plus: starting the new year by ending an old relationship? Meet the Breakup Lightbulb!

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