Legend Says Instead of Fighting A War, Two Armies In Switzerland Sat Down For Some Soup (Cool Weird Awesome 1255)

Legend has it that today in 1529, two armies in Switzerland decided that instead of having a war, they would have some soup.

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A Startup In Switzerland Is Putting Solar Panels In Between Railroad Tracks (Cool Weird Awesome 1022)

Today we’re looking at a new kind of solar project from Swiss company Sun-Ways, which is putting energy-generating panels in a new spot: in between train tracks.

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In One Game, Jason McElwain Became A High School Basketball Legend (Cool Weird Awesome 717)

Today in 2006, a high school basketball team put its manager into the game. Jason McElwain not only played, he stole the show.

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Jimmy Carter Vs. The Swamp Rabbit (Cool Weird Awesome 280)

It’s a very odd anniversary in the history of the U.S. presidency. Today in 1979, President Jimmy Carter got into a fight with a rabbit.

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