The Rhino That Won A Seat On São Paulo’s City Council (Cool Weird Awesome 629)

Today in 1959, a write-in candidate for city council in São Paulo, Brazil, won a huge victory. The catch: that candidate was a rhinoceros from the São Paulo Zoo. Plus: today in 1935, a man in Houston, Missouri finds a hat he'd lost three years earlier. 

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Before The Lightbulb, Thomas Edison Invented A Voting Machine – And Congress Said No (Cool Weird Awesome 411)

On this Election Day, here’s a story about an early and not-too-well-known effort to help count votes that came from none other than Thomas Edison. Plus: photographer Ryan Donnell has been documenting some of the most unusual polling places in the country.

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Massachusetts Once Had Like Six John Kennedys On The Same Ballot (Cool Weird Awesome 124)

Around the same time John Fitzgerald Kennedy was rising through the ranks of the US Congress, a guy called John Francis Kennedy decided to put his name on the ballot to run for Massachusetts state treasurer. In a few years, there would be other John Kennedys trying to win public office in the state.

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Brady on GPB’s “On Second Thought” Talking Concession Speeches

A few years back I talked with Virginia Prescott on NHPR's Word of Mouth about concession speeches. And now we're doing it all over again - but this time it's for Georgia Public Broadcasting's "On Second Thought!"

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