El Reno, Oklahoma Is The Home Of The Fried Onion Burger (Cool Weird Awesome 1237)

Today in 1989, El Reno, Oklahoma held its first ever El Reno Burger Day. It was in honor of a local creation that's been popular for almost a century, the fried onion burger.

Florence Price Finally Takes Her Place On The List Of Great Composers (Cool Weird Awesome 1217)

Today in 1887 (or, by some accounts, 1888), the birthday of a composer who’s really only now getting the acclaim she deserves: Florence Price.

Listening To A Symphony Can Actually Sync Up The Audiences’ Heart Rates (Cool Weird Awesome 1117)

When we say "music can bring us together," we usually mean it bridges divides and builds communities. But a new study finds that, biologically speaking, music really can bring people together.

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Antonín Dvořák’s First Symphony Went Missing For Six Decades (Cool Weird Awesome 1101)

Today in 1936, the premiere of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 1. That was 71 years after the symphony was written, which is what happens when a symphony is thought to be lost.

Beethoven May Have Had Metronome Issues (Cool Weird Awesome 458)

Judging by metronome marks on his sheet music, Ludwig von Beethoven wanted his compositions played really, really fast. Or did he?

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