Joseph Grimaldi, London’s “King Of Clowns” (Cool Weird Awesome 1149)

Today in 1778, the birthday of Joseph Grimaldi, the guy who basically invented clowning as we know it today. Here's some of his story.

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Creeped Out By Clowns? Here’s The Science That Explains Why (Cool Weird Awesome 1119)

A grade school custodian in New Hampshire has been showing up to the late shift in a creepy clown costume. So, first of all, why, and also, what is it about clowns that many people find so creepy?

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Cecil Chubb, The Guy Who Bought Stonehenge At An Auction (Cool Weird Awesome 1088)

This month in 1915, the ancient site known as Stonehenge went up for sale at auction. It's almost unthinkable today, but it happened - what took place after that auction was pretty mind-boggling too. 

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The Toronto Circus Riot Started Because Clowns Fought Firefighters At A Brothel (Cruel Weird Awful 12)

July 13, 1855 is the date of the Toronto Circus Riot, an event which sounds baffling and bizarre from the name alone, but the details are even weirder.

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Lionel Richie Once Went Clothes Shopping For Nelson Mandela (Cool Weird Awesome 728)

Today Lionel Richie is receiving the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Not only has he sold millions of records, he’s become a home goods entrepreneur, an art enthusiast - and one time, personal clothes shopper for none other than Nelson Mandela.

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