A Company In Mexico Is Making 3D Printed Bricks Out Of Eggshells (Cool Weird Awesome 970)

Can you build a wall out of eggshells? You can if you're the Mexican design studio MANUFACTURA, which developed a sustainable way to make bricks out of discarded shells and bio-binders.

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Egg Whites Are Helping Get Microplastics Out Of The Ocean (Cool Weird Awesome 915)

Taking plastic out of the ocean is hard, especially when it comes to microplastics. Now there’s a study out of Princeton that says we can get some help in that effort from egg whites.

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A Guy In Massachusetts Made Pretty Much His Whole House Out Of Old Newspapers (Cool Weird Awesome 785)

The Paper House of Rockport, Massachusetts has a wood frame, but otherwise owner Elis Stenman made the place almost entirely out of old newspapers. And you can still read the stories in the walls today.

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What Was July 4th Like Before The Fourth Of July? (Cool Weird Awesome 76)

It's the 243rd birthday of the United States, and we've done a lot of celebrating over those years. But what were people doing on the Fourth of July before American independence? One of the most interesting stories is from July 4, 1054 - in China.

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Medical Glue. Strong Stuff. (Cool Weird Awesome 72)

A team at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology developed a way to use medical glue to bind human tissue together instead of stitches and medical pins. They heat it up using, essentially, a hot glue gun - one that they hopefully don't leave in with their craft supplies.

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