30 09, 2019

Can We Get Mac and Cheese To Mars? (Cool Weird Awesome 138)

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A mission to Mars would take years of travel - but today's space food doesn't last long enough. Scientists at Washington State University are working on a way to sterilize and pack food that can last 3-5 years, which is good for astronauts and for any of us who want to survive the zombie apocalypse. Plus: why a man in Vermont just put up a large wooden statue of a raised middle finger. 

27 09, 2019

In Casey, Illinois, Small Town Life Has Never Been Bigger (Cool Weird Awesome 137)

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The small community of Casey, Illinois is home to the Big Things In A Small Town project, and this weekend someone will win a chance to sit in the world's largest rocking chair. Plus: tomorrow in Boulder City, Nevada, it’s the Wurst Festival. I’m not mocking the event, that's its name.

25 09, 2019

I See What You Did There, Brain Implant (Cool Weird Awesome 135)

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UCLA is testing a brain implant that takes the images captured by a tiny camera and converts them into electrical impulses that stimulate the part of the brain responsible for sight. It helps blind people detect darkness and lightness, as well as sensing motion.

24 09, 2019

Turn Those Old Straws Into New Albums (Cool Weird Awesome 134)

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The Straw Vinyl project has lined up some high-profile bands to release limited-edition vinyl records that are made out of plastic harvested from old straws. Then your hipster friends can say they were into keeping straws out of landfills before it was cool.

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