Getting A Thousand Bucks In Oily Pennies In Your Driveway Is One Way To Wrap Up A Job (Cruel Weird Awful 7)

Leaving a job usually means wrapping things up with your soon to be ex-employer including getting a final paycheck. But here’s the story of a guy who got a pretty unpleasant sendoff. 

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How A Farmer In Belgium Accidentally Changed The Country’s Borders (Cool Weird Awesome 1002)

Today in 2021, the BBC reported on a very unusual happening: a farmer in Belgium accidentally redrew the country’s border with France.

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Houston’s Hanukkah House Brings All The Lights For The Holidays (Cool Weird Awesome 908)

When most people mark Hanukkah with lights, they mean candles on a menorah. But Philip Grosman of Houston is bringing all the lights for the festival at Hannukah House.

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Houston Has Its Own Beer Can House (Cool Weird Awesome 682)

John Milkovisch took tens of thousands of old beer cans and turned them into aluminum siding and decorations for his house in Houston, Texas. The Beer Can House is now a local landmark.

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Little Leaguer Katie Brownell Once Struck Out Every Batter In An Entire Game (Cool Weird Awesome 536)

Today in 2005, an 11 year old pitcher in upstate New York, Katie Brownell, brought her A-game to the Little League field. She not only pitched a perfect game, she struck out all 18 batters she faced! Plus: Houston's famous Art Car Parade is back this weekend. 

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Brooklyn Still Loves The Blackout Cake (Cool Weird Awesome 340)

Pastries come and go, but in Brooklyn, people still talk about the blackout cake from Ebinger's, a cake so beloved that when the bakery closed, people bought up cakes, kept them in their freezers and ate them only on special occasions. Plus: it's the birthday of Erno Rubik, so maybe someday visit the Rubik's Cube-themed hotel room in Houston, Texas.

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