27 12, 2019

UPS Drivers Are Hanging Out With Dogs And Posting Photos With Their New Pals (Cool Weird Awesome 202)

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There’s a Facebook group/Instagram account called UPS Dogs, and it collects and shares photos of the pups that delivery drivers meet (and usually befriend) on their routes, especially the ones they see regularly. Which is completely and utterly adorable. Plus: meet the world’s smallest inhabited island, with an appropos name of Just Room Enough Island.

26 12, 2019

The Return of the Mystery Beer Fridge in Nebraska! (Cool Weird Awesome 201)

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Remember the beer fridge from our first episode, that two men found after a long weekend of cleaning up flood damage? The Lincoln Journal-Star has checked back in with the owner and the finders to get the latest chapter in the beer fridge story. Plus: Prince Charles owns a car that runs on wine - and, he says, "it smells delicious as you’re driving along."

25 12, 2019

The Festive 200 Foot Gator In Christmas, Florida (Cool Weird Awesome 200)

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People can celebrate Christmas the way any way they like, no matter how far it strays from those common paths. We share a few unusual but enjoyable places with their own special traditions for December 25th.

24 12, 2019

The Terrifying World Of Victorian-Era Christmas Cards (Cool Weird Awesome 199)

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Santa Claus stuffing a terrified kid into his bag of presents? Creepy monsters chasing people? A Christmas dinner come to life, with utensils as legs? Meet some of the many terrifying designs for Christmas cards back in the Victorian era. Plus: today is the anniversary of Earthrise, the iconic photo taken by the Apollo 8 crew as they orbited the moon.

23 12, 2019

Competitive Dreidel Is The Best New Hanukkah Tradition (Cool Weird Awesome 198)

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Take the Hanukkah favorite, dreidel, and turn the intensity way, way up. Now you've got Major League Dreidel, a growing new sport in New York City. Plus: an agency in Nova Scotia decided people needed a break from ads this season, and released some ad-free ads.

20 12, 2019

Winnipeg, The Slurpee Capital Of Canada (Cool Weird Awesome 197)

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As we get ready for the official start of winter, it's worth noting that some of us deal with this time of year in unusual ways. Like the people of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who spend their cold, cold winters drinking Slurpees. Plus: on this Star Wars premiere day, a visit to a German observatory painted to look like R2-D2.

19 12, 2019

Smart Intersections Could Help Make Self-Driving Cars Smarter (Cool Weird Awesome 196)

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You’ve heard about making cars smarter, but what about smarter intersections? Cornell researchers find that making intersections more autonomous could help get self-driving cars where they want to go more efficiently. Plus: on the anniversary of the last day of the last Apollo mission to the moon, how about a trip to the Museum of the Moon, now visiting Philadelphia?

18 12, 2019

Museums Are Helping Color-Blind Art Lovers See The Whole Spectrum (Cool Weird Awesome 195)

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An increasing number of museums are offering EnChroma corrective glasses to visitors with color blindness, to bring more color to the world of art and those who enjoy it. Plus: a museum in London is exhibiting a disposable cup from 3,500 years ago, proving that from our earliest times, we’ve been trying to avoid doing the dishes.

17 12, 2019

They Built A Real-Life Simpsons House In Nevada (Cool Weird Awesome 194)

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Today marks 30 years since the first episode of “The Simpsons” aired, and so we pay tribute to the house Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie call home - not to mention a real-life, 3D version of the place in Nevada. Plus: the closest real-life town to Springfield, USA isn't a Springfield at all.

16 12, 2019

A Family In Michigan Has Kept A Fruitcake As An Heirloom For 141 Years (Cool Weird Awesome 193)

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Fruitcake is one holiday tradition that's not for everybody, we know that, but those who love it, love it - like the Ford family in Michigan, which has kept a single fruitcake as an heirloom for over 140 years. Plus: if fruitcake is so infamous, why are there two towns that want to be known as the fruitcake capital of the world?

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