Baseball Player Ping Bodie Once Won An Eating Contest Against An Ostrich (Cool Weird Awesome 1213)

Today in 1919, one of the strangest moments in the history of professional baseball, when major leaguer Ping Bodie took on an ostrich in an eating contest and won.

Communist Countries Thought The TV Show “Dallas” Would Scare Citizens Away From Capitalism, But It Backfired (Cool Weird Awesome 1212)

The iconic TV show was just supposed to be a miniseries, but it kept winning over audience after audience - even some behind the Iron Curtain.

In 1906, Chicago’s Newspapers Told Everybody The City Was Being Attacked By Dinosaurs (Cool Weird Awesome 1211)

It was probably more elaborate than your standard April Fools Day joke: today in 1906, the Chicago Tribune put together a two page "report," complete with pictures, about swarms of dinosaurs wrecking the city.

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If This TV Show Hadn’t Been Canceled, We Might Not Have Had The Original Versions of “Star Trek” and TV’s “Batman” (Cool Weird Awesome 1210)

Today in 1931, the birthday of William Shatner, Captain Kirk from the original “Star Trek” series. Of course, if a different show he was supposed to star in had gone ahead, Shatner might not have ended up as Captain Kirk.

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For Our Fifth Birthday, The Story Of The Song “Happy Birthday To You” (Cool Weird Awesome 1209)

Today we’re looking at the song that a lot of us sing over a birthday cake: “Happy Birthday To You.” And does this song ever have a wild history. 

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Taco Bell Once Sold A Burger Called The “Bell Beefer” (Cool Weird Awesome 1208)

It's our show's fifth birthday! It's also the birthday in 1962 of the first Taco Bell restaurant, which had a "chili burger" on its original menu.

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Shizo Kanakuri Finished A Marathon He’d Started 54 Years Earlier (Cool Weird Awesome 1207)

Today in 1967, a Japanese athlete Shizo Kanakuri, finished a Olympic marathon that he’d started in 1912. Better late than never!

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The Nutty Narrows Bridge Was Built For Squirrels In Washington State (Cool Weird Awesome 1206)

Today in 1963, the opening of a bridge in Longview, Washington. that wasn't for cars, or bikes, or even pedestrians. It was a bridge for squirrels.

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Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally” Became A Hit, After A Tape Machine Cut It To Pieces (Cool Weird Awesome 1205)

Today in 1941, the birthday of Wilson Pickett, a legend of soul and R&B music, and one who had an engineer save one of his future hit songs from a very hungry tape machine. 

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